Bungalows: **
Rooms: 8
Port: 5 km
Beach: 300m
Airport: 1km
In Naxos the best absolute island with the most famous Beach of Cyclades we decided to construct our little Paradise "BUNGALOWS Alexandros. Read-More!!!
Bars, clubs, cafe
Festivals, Climate

" Easter Friday, at Koronos: Feast of Panagia Argokiliotissa.The feast of Panagia Argokiliotissa attracts pilgrims from all around the island and the minor Cyclades.
" 5 May, at Kinidaros: Panigyri in honour of St. Irini.
" 20 May, at Agios Thaleleos: The panigyri in honour of Agios Thaleleos, includes outdoor dancing, local instruments and free meal.
" 23 June, at Apeiranthos: May wreaths fuel the bonfires of St. John.
" 29 June, at Melanes: The big panigyri (festival) of the Agii Apostoli, which lasts for three days.
" 7 July, at Potamia: Panigyri in honour of St. Kyriaki.
" 8 July, at Agios Prokopios: Panigyri in honour of St. Prokopios, with music and dancing.
" 14 July, in Chora: Panigyri in honour of St. Nikodimos, one of the biggest of the island, with dancing and live music performed by local groups.
" 15 July - 5 August, in Chora: The Dionysia cultural festival with exhibitions, theatre, concerts and sports events.
" 17 July, at Koronos: Panigyri in honour of Agia Marina.
" 25 July, at Agia Anna: Panigyri in honour of St. Anne, with music and dancing.
" 26 July, at Kinidaros: Panigyri in honour of St. Paraskevi, with music and dancing.
" 27 July, at Agios Arsenios: Panigyri of Agios Pandeleimon. The feast includes dancing to the sounds of the traditional instruments.
" 6 August, at Kourounochori: Panigyri commemorating the Transfiguration of the Saviour.
" 15 August, at Filoti, Apeiranthos and Agia monastery: Panigyria in honour of the Virgin. The celebrations at Filoti last 3 days and are among the islands most festive.
" 23 August, at Tripodes: Feast of the Dormation of Virgin Mary.
" 29 August, at Apeiranthos and Apollonas: Panigyri in honour of St. John.
" 8 September, at Moni: Panigyri in honour of the Panagia Drossiani.
" 8 September, at Koronida (Komiaki): The feast of Panagia Theoskepasti.
" 14 September, at Galanado: Panigyri in honour of the True Cross.
" 20 October, at Kinidaros: Panigyri in honour of Agios Artemios, the protector of the village.
" 6 December, at Kinidaros: Panigyri in honour of Agios Nikolaos.